Main Street
Tom Roberts
Oil silkscreen on board

From: $4,000.00

Tom Roberts often sought to express the universality of the Canadian experience and in “Main Street” (1953), one of four images he contributed to the Sampson-Matthews silkscreen art program, he offers a scene that could have existed in any town in the country during the middle years of the twentieth century. On a blue-sky day in the early spring, a mother clad in a brilliant red coat and her bundled daughter walk down a narrow, wheel-pitted street covered in slushy melting snow and reflective puddles. Apparently on an errand, they approach a strip of urban retail as other villagers pass by, enjoying a mild day, perhaps the first warm afternoon after a hard winter.

Large gold leaf frame with canvas matte 40” X 50” 20 lbs
Small gold leaf frame with canvas matte 30” X 38” 10 lbs
Large simple white wood frame 33” X 43” 10 lbs
Small simple white wood frame 22.5” X 30” 6 lbs
Weight lbs
Dimensions N/A